COVID-19 - research and support
Lockdown lessons: pupil learning and wellbeing during the Covid-19 pandemic
The outbreak of Covid-19 has contributed to an unprecedented level of change in our education system, with significant concerns about the impact of the pandemic on young people's learning and their wellbeing.

Since May, we have been conducting a national research project, in partnership with the University of York and the University of Bristol, to try to ascertain what the true impact of this disruptive period has been on pupils across the country.

Our interim summary from this longitudinal research project, featuring analysis of responses from 7,500 young people, is available to view here:

Interim data summary: May - June 2020

See below for further information on how schools can be involved in the project and better identify the learning and wellbeing needs of pupils as they return to schools in greater numbers.

School returns diagnostic

Based on the tools used in this research project, we have created a diagnostic assessment to help schools better identify and understand pupils' learning and wellbeing needs as they return in greater numbers to the physical classroom. The diagnostic is freely available at no cost to schools.

The diagnostic takes the form of a short pupil-facing survey, using academically validated scales to assess areas such as pupil wellbeing, anxiety and experience of learning from home. Using the ImpactEd platform, schools can see results at an individual level, compare outcomes by demographic factors, and see how their findings compare to the national picture.

For more information on accessing the diagnostic tool please see this document with further details and fill out our expression of interest form to arrange a call with a member of our team.